Who We Are?

About us

Mugendo Kickboxing Sligo: Over 3 Decades of Empowering the Community  

In 1986, Michael McDermott, now a 7th Dan Black Belt, laid the foundation for Mugendo Kickboxing Club in Sligo. Now celebrating its 36th year, Mugendo has evolved into a vital community institution, offering self-defence and competition training for all ages, starting from 5 years and up. The term “Mugendo,” Japanese for the unlimited way, encapsulates the club’s philosophy, emphasizing continuous improvement. 

 The Essence of Mugendo  

Mugendo Kickboxing is more than a sport; it’s a modern fighting system that blends elements of boxing with various kicking techniques and martial arts movements. This distinctive approach prepares students for real-world combat situations, making Mugendo an effective and comprehensive martial art. 

A Proud Legacy  

The success of Mugendo Kickboxing Club is a testament to the dedication and time invested by everyone involved. Over the years, the club has become a source of pride for Sligo, enriching the lives of its members through physical fitness, mental discipline, and a sense of community. 

Mugendo Sligo: A Thriving Community Hub  

Kickboxing, with its combination of physical fitness, mental discipline, and self-defence skills, has captivated individuals worldwide. In Sligo, Mugendo Sligo stands out as a thriving community hub, creating a dynamic environment that fosters personal growth and physical well-being. 

Benefits Beyond the Physical  

Mugendo kickboxing offers a myriad of benefits extending beyond physical fitness: 

  1. Enhanced Strength and Endurance: The full-body engagement in Mugendo promotes muscle growth, cardiovascular health, and increased stamina.
  2. Flexibility and Agility: Dynamic movements in kickboxing improve muscle flexibility and agility, essential for overall body balance and coordination.
  3. Mental Discipline and Focus: The demanding nature of Mugendo training cultivates mental discipline, enabling individuals to focus, overcome challenges, and persevere.
  4. Self-Defence Prowess: Practical combat skills taught in Mugendo empower individuals with the confidence and ability to defend themselves.

A Community of Camaraderie  

Mugendo Sligo goes beyond physical benefits, creating a strong sense of community. Participants form lasting bonds with fellow students, fostering friendships and a supportive network that extends beyond the training hall. 

A Journey of Personal Growth  

Mugendo kickboxing isn’t just a physical discipline; it’s a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. As individuals progress in their training, they develop mental fortitude, emotional resilience, and a newfound appreciation for their capabilities. 

Embark on Your Kickboxing Adventure  

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a novice, Mugendo Sligo welcomes all. The club provides a supportive environment and personalised instruction to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and unleash their inner potential. 

Unlocking the Power Within: Mugendo Kickboxing Club in Sligo  

In the vibrant town of Sligo, Mugendo Kickboxing Club serves as a transformative haven. It’s not merely a place for a workout; it’s a holistic journey towards physical and mental well-being. 

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation  

Mugendo Kickboxing Club is a unique blend of tradition and innovation.  Mugendo draws from various martial arts disciplines, creating a dynamic and effective system for students of all levels. 

Empowerment Through Training  

Empowerment is at the core of Mugendo’s ethos. Experienced instructors guide students through a curriculum designed to teach self-defence, instil discipline, and build confidence. The inclusive training sessions cater to everyone, ensuring a welcoming environment for all. 

Fitness Beyond Boundaries  

Mugendo elevates kickboxing’s renowned fitness benefits. High-intensity workouts fuse cardiovascular training, strength building, and flexibility enhancement, transforming members into resilient warriors. 

Community and Camaraderie  

More than a training ground, Mugendo fosters a community of friendships and camaraderie. Beyond physical benefits, the club becomes a second home, uniting individuals with a shared passion for martial arts. 

Inclusive for All Ages  

Mugendo’s inclusivity is a standout feature. From Little Ninjas for children to adult classes, it’s a family-friendly environment that accommodates diverse age groups. 

Competitive Edge  

For those seeking a competitive edge, Mugendo offers a pathway to regional, national, and international competitions. The structured training approach prepares athletes for success while instilling values of sportsmanship and respect. 

The Mugendo Experience in Sligo  

Mugendo Kickboxing Club in Sligo is a transformative experience. It’s where individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, breaking barriers, and emerging as empowered individuals. The club exemplifies martial arts as a way of life, fostering personal growth and community spirit in every kick, punch, and kata.

In Sligo, Mugendo Kickboxing Club isn’t just teaching martial arts; it’s shaping lives, one roundhouse kick at a time. 

Rules Of The Dojo

Sligo Mugendo has prepared a set of rules that are designed to keep all club members and visitors safe.

Our rules also include showing respect while entering and exiting the Dojo (the gym) and are designed to ensure participants maintain discipline in and out of the club. 

We encourage all club members to familiarise themselves with the rules and a full copy can be downloaded here.

Our Core Values

Here at Mugendo Sligo we believe in creating an inclusive training environment that is built on respect and discipline.


Light Contact

Light Contact kickboxing should be executed with well-controlled techniques these techniques must be well controlled when they land on legal targets.

Full Contact

Full contact is a discipline of kickboxing where the intention of a fighter is to beat his opponent with full power and strength. Punches and kicks must be delivered to legal targets with focus, speed and determination, creating solid contact.

Points Fighting

Semi-contact is a fighting discipline where two fighters fight with the primary goal of scoring defined points using controlled legal techniques with speed agility and focus.

Sligo Kickboxing sparring session