30 Years In The Making!

Long before the UFC or Conor McGregor Sligo Mugendo Kickboxing Club has been producing talented athletes in the field of Kickboxing Karate.To celebrate this amazing milestone the club is hosting a 30th anniversary celebration on Saturday 16th September in the Clayton Hotel Sligo.In what promises to be a thrilling night for all the 30th anniversary celebration night kicks off at 7pm with a champagne reception followed by dinner and entertainment from 7:45pm.

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With past club members returning from as far away as Australia and the USA for the night it highlights the significant impact Sligo Mugendo has had on the many people involved over the last 30 years.Attendants on the night are in for a real treat with well known motivational speaker Liam Moggan from the Irish Sports Council giving a speech. Moggan is known as the coaches coach and has a wealth of experience in various sporting fields from football to boxing, he even taught Packie Bonner to use a laptop!Many club members have continued on in the sport after leaving Sligo; bringing skills, knowledge, self belief and a code of discipline and respect that is enshrined in Sligo Mugendo Kickboxing Club with them.Over the past 30 years Mugendo Kickboxing Sligo has turned out over 30 black belts, some of which have gone on to set up their own clubs in their new homes, and is an integral part of the community hosting numerous competitions, training camps and self defence classes for both male and female participants.Club founder Michael McDermott founded the Mugendo Kickboxing Sligo in 1987 and to date has overseen the training of well over 1,000 students. Many of those students have gone on to compete internationally and have won numerous competitions over the clubs 30 year history.The 30th anniversary is in part a celebration of the many members both past and present that have been associated with the club, either in competition or through their participation outside the ring. The club has succeeded not only through the commitment and dedication from Michael but also from the commitment from club black belts, parents and students alike that put their time, effort and energy into making the club what it is today.In recent years Mugendo Sligo Kickboxing Club has been sponsored by ej menswear. The love of sport is something that is equally shared by Eamonn Cunningham, owner of ej menswear, and senior instructor of Mugendo Sligo, Michael McDermott.Tickets are available to purchase at ej menswear and are priced reasonably at €35